Knitted Knockers for brown girls: a comfortable post-surgery option

When my strong, beautiful aunt’s breast cancer occurred a few years ago, resulting in a double mastectomy, I was compelled to find a way to make her journey through radiation, chemo, multiple surgeries, AND losing her beloved D-cups a little less painful.

One sleepless night as I struggled with this goal, I came across a pattern for “knitted knockers.”

Within hours, I had knitted my first pair for my aunt. I haven’t been able to stop knitting the knockers ever since, in hopes that more Black women are made aware of and have access to this comfortable option when awaiting or declining reconstructive surgery.

Initially, I planned to send my knockers to Knitted Knockers, which provides my favorite pattern and distributes knockers to breast cancer survivors all over America. But the organization informed me they infrequently received requests for brown knockers.

Sad but determined, I began providing knockers to survivors identified by friends and family, but I make far more than are directly requested.

So, when I saw a tweet by @gypsynomy (C.J. Jackson) about @thebreastofus and her delay in reconstruction, I was moved to reach out to offer “breasts” to any followers who would benefit from soft prosthetics.

They are free of charge (of course) and knitted with love in several cup sizes and about six colors, ranging from dark brown to ivory, using yarn specifically selected for its softness and comfort.

If you would like to learn how to order a pair of these knitted knockers for yourself or a family member, please visit our Resource Library. You can also contact Akiba at

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Meet the Breast Cancer Champion

Akiba Perry, is a Black girl from the DC area and mother of three superheroes (Anwar, Sanaa & Asha). She is also a wife, sister, friend, reader, thinker, doer, lover of laughter and math, economist, researcher and a Bowdoin and Stanford alumna. Akiba is a former Manhattan, Oakland, and San Francisco resident and lung cancer survivor.